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Who Moved My Freedom Podcast
Welcome to ”Who Moved My Freedom,” a gathering of pro-Second Amendment patriots. Join our host Hank Strange as we dive into all things freedom with a blend of insight, humor, and unapologetic patriotism.
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Episode 1025 FreeForAll Monday: Jonathan Gibbon CEO of Armslist

E1025 • May 31, 2024 • 132 mins

Hank Strange, Walter Keller, Patrick Babyface P, and guest Jonathan Gibbon dive into a lively discussion on the latest in Second Amendment news, personal anecdotes, and gear updates. The episode kicks off with Hank's humorous welcome and shout-outs to sponsors Franklin Armory and Armslist.

Key Points

  • Jonathan from Armslist discussed how the platform has evolved to a membership-based model to enhance user experience and security, as well as to offer products below market pricing through a paywall.
  • Walter Keller and Patrick Babyface P. emphasized the importance of community support for smaller, family-owned firearms businesses and the challenges faced by these businesses, including dealing with regulatory hurdles and customer service.
  • The conversation highlighted the ongoing battle for free speech and Second Amendment rights on social media, with a focus on how platforms like Armslist continue to face legal and social challenges, yet remain committed to serving the firearms community.

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