Who Moved My Freedom Podcast
Who Moved My Freedom Podcast
Welcome to ”Who Moved My Freedom,” a gathering of pro-Second Amendment patriots. Join our host Hank Strange as we dive into all things freedom with a blend of insight, humor, and unapologetic patriotism.
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Episode 1018 : FreeForAll Monday: Driving Cyber Trucks!

E1018 • Mar 5, 2024 • 131 mins

In this episode, Hank Strange, Patrick Babyface P, and Walter Keller discuss various topics from SU-16 modifications and YouTube project plans to full-auto SMG plans. They delve into the Supreme Court's decision on Trump's eligibility, impacts of COVID-19, and the value of a firearms library. The trio also explore hip hop's political influence, being a YouTuber, and machine guns on cyber trucks.

Key Points

  • The Who Moved My Freedom podcast discussed the potential outcomes of the Supreme Court's consideration of the bump stock case, with hosts expressing uncertainty about the Court siding with bump stocks.
  • Hosts shared personal experiences and projects, including Patrick's plans to build a serialized item for Chromevandy Arms and an upcoming video on building a CETME rifle.
  • The conversation also touched on broader topics such as the impact of economic factors on consumer behavior, with discussions on the rise of cryptocurrency during instability and changes in shopping habits due to high prices.

🇺🇸Hank Strange🦅WMMF Ep 1018 : FreeForAll Monday: Driving Cyber Trucks! With BFP & Walt SHF

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